Kids Menu


To Start

Carrot and cucumber sticks                                                    £2.50

Garlic bread                                                                            £2.00

Garlic bread with cheese                                                        £2.50

Tomato soup with bread and butter                                       £2.95



Pasta with tomato sauce and grated cheese                         £5.95

                                    add bolognese sauce                          £6.95

Battered chicken nuggets served with chips                          £6.95

Sausages and mash potato with gravy                                   £6.95

Birdseye fish fingers served with chips                                  £6.95

Build your own 100 % beef burger

Soft bun with: cheese, cucumber,

Sliced tomato served with chips                                 £6.95


Add beans, peas or spaghetti hoops for just                          £1.00



Mini chocolate brownie sundae                                             £3.50

Biscuit sticks with nutella dipping chocolate                          £2.75

Mini fruit salad with vanilla ice cream                                  £2.75  

Strawberry jelly with vanilla ice cream                                 £2.50

2 scoops of strawberry, chocolate,

Vanilla or bubble gum ice cream                                           £2.50



Fruit juices

Orange, apple, cranberry, pineapple                                     £2.50

J20 apple and raspberry                    

       orange and passion fruit, apple and mango                   £2.50

       glass of milk                                                                     £2.00





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